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European countries often use the E.164 format, which includes the country code, national destination code, and subscriber number. However, there are variations within Europe, with some countries using different separators or additional digits.

United Kingdom: Phone numbers in the UK follow a specific format, including the country code, area code, and subscriber number. Additionally, the numbers are often divided into groups of two to five digits for better readability.

Australia: Australian phone numbers usually begin with a national prefix followed by an area code and subscriber number. The national prefix is ​​typically "0," and the area code ranges from one to three digits.

When storing phone numbers in databases, following best France Phone Number List practices ensure data consistency, integrity, and usability. Here are some essential guidelines:
Consistent Formatting: Choose a standardized format for storing phone numbers, preferably an international format like E.164. This allows for uniformity and compatibility across different systems.

Separate Data Components: Store different parts of a phone number, such as the country code, area code, and subscriber number, in separate database columns. This enables efficient querying and manipulation of phone number data.

Validate Input: Implement data validation mechanisms to ensure that only valid phone numbers are stored in the database. Employ regular expressions or third-party libraries to validate phone numbers based on their respective formats.


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