Electronics are the most purchased items in the used goods trade

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The percentage drops to 13% among those who define themselves as "employed full time". Electronics are the most purchased items in the used goods trade One of the top used products purchased by Capterra respondents who buy second-hand goods is electronics (55%). They also consume books (53%) and clothes (46%) in this modality. Electronics are the most searched items in the resale of products When it takes place through online platforms, the practice of trading in refurbished goods is also known by the term "recommerce". In Europe, this market seems to be more consolidated due to the presence of specific marketplaces, such as platforms for selling pre-owned smartphones. One example is Swappie, which sells only refurbished iPhones and is one of the fastest growing startups on the continent.

In Brazil, second-hand items niche platforms are still a minority, but there are channel options to carry out this type of purchase online; an example is the marketplaces that offer products for resale. These platforms were cited as one of the main channels for purchasing second-hand products –67% of consumers of used Jewelry Retouching items said they use them–, with OLX, Facebook Marketplace, Mercado Livre and Enjoei being the main platforms cited by respondents who buy from this platform. modality. Saving money motivates the purchase of second-hand items High inflation , which results in the gradual reduction of consumers' purchasing power, can lead them to look for items at a more affordable price. In this scenario, second-hand products have been consolidated as a viable option for consumption. That's because 39% of respondents who buy pre-owned products indicated that the main reason for purchasing these goods is to save money, according to the Capterra study.

Although much is said about the conscious consumer, sustainability as a motivator for buying second-hand products appears only in second place (20%). Reasons why respondents buy second-hand products Even so, it is worth noting that, among the analyzed markets, Brazil has one of the best percentages in terms of prioritizing the purchase of used products due to sustainability, second only to Germany (21%). In this regard, Canada has the lowest number of respondents who cite sustainability as their main reason for buying second-hand goods (8%). Nor does one have to go that far to register the difference in perceptions between saving money and sustainability. In the regional analysis of Brazil, respondents residing in the Northeast, a region with the lowest per capita income in the country, are among the main ones who buy second-hand products to save money (42%), while those residing in the Southeast, a region with the highest per capita income, appear as the least influenced by this reason (35%).


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