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Implementing a trade marketing strategy increases the likelihood of customers' attention at the point of sale and enhances the product's position on the shelf. For example, according to POPAI's research, the use of POSM (Point of Sale Materials: product display materials at the point of sale such as leaflets, banners, advertising posters, ...) and POP (Point of Purchase: activities). Activation at the point of purchase such as product samples, ...) can help products increase customer attraction by 20%.

Trade Marketing helps brands increase interaction with customers and increase sales
Trade Marketing helps brands increase interaction with customers and increase sales

Increase customer interaction: Trade Marketing strategy helps increase interaction with customers at the point of sale, thereby helping to improve product awareness and increase customer purchasing ability. According to Boston Retail Partners, implementing a combination of technology and a trade marketing strategy can increase customer engagement by up to 167%.

Optimizing marketing costs: Trade marketing strategies help optimize marketing costs by focusing on customers at the point of sale, where customers actually decide to buy. According to Merchandising Matters, a trade marketing strategy can help optimize marketing costs by up to 20%.

Trade marketing model 4Cs
The 4Cs trade marketing model is an important trade marketing model, consisting of 4 basic elements needed to build an effective trade marketing strategy:

Customer Development
Category Development
Consumer Engagement
Company Engagement
Customer Development
The first C in the 4Cs of trade marketing is China WhatsApp Number List Customer Development. Customers are the most important factor in trade marketing strategy, including agents, distributors, retail stores, manufacturing plants, etc. related to business activities and product distribution of enterprises. . Therefore, businesses need to learn and understand the needs of customers and apply strategies to create trust and loyalty with customers.

Customer development is an important part of business strategy and trade marketing, including many activities such as:

Channel Development: Search and develop new distribution channels or optimize existing distribution channels to bring products to customers more quickly and efficiently. According to Nielsen (2019), retailers with a good distribution channel strategy achieve 10% higher sales than retailers without a strategy, and 84% of retailers have used multiple distribution channels. different distribution to increase sales.

Trade Discount Policy: Provide appropriate trade discount policies to support retail distributors and increase sales. According to a McKinsey 2020 report, trade discount policies help companies achieve higher profit rates from 3% to 5%.


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