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Especially in the clothing sector this lack of possibility continues to be a stumbling block to overcome. Augmented reality helps eliminate this obstacle, allowing customers to try a certain product on them even before buying it. The introduction of artificial intelligence or augmented reality systems in your eCommerce will result in a better shopping experience and, consequently, will lead to an increase in conversions and a decrease in the abandonment rate. In addition to Augmented Reality, take advantage of images in general and make your business more and more visual.

Then use the following precautions USA Email List Change your product images on the site from JPG or PNG to a WebP format to make the site more responsive and shorten the image loading time Create 360-degree images or videos of your best-selling products Invest in a visual search tool to allow users to search for products directly through images Reuse user-generated content and insert it on your site or on social network pages connected to eCommerce to increase the engagement rate Create visual shopping ads on Pinterest to drive more traffic to your eCommerce site Create an interactive 3D visual that works especially well for some items, such as home decor items ecommerce-marketing-trend-2022-chart1.

New payment options  for a specific brand concerns payment options. Companies that do not offer the payment methods preferred by users will lose many potential customers. For several years now, most eCommerce businesses have accepted digital wallets (such as Google Pay, Samsung, Apple Pay and PayPal) in addition to debit and credit cards. Why is Amazon so successful? Among the many advantages, the largest eCommerce platform in the world allows customers to pay with various systems. From credit cards to prepaid cards, up to internal cards sold by the brand.


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