Instagram is the biggest leader

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Instagram is the biggest leader. To highlight: Emergence of new formats: On Instagram, brands will use formats such as Reels or Stories. The emergence of new platforms: such as  Brands have started investing in this network, starting to sponsor new influential content, generating viral content with massive engagement. Today, for us, it is a world under construction, the unprecedented possibility of experiencing the Internet world, a construction site as big as the entire world.

With Metaverse, we hope to bring parallel realities to life, fully programmed according to the user's needs and preferences, and most importantly, lived in an Job Function Email Database increasingly immersive way. In fact, thanks to the rapid development of virtual technologies, the project intends to present itself as a real accessible world, not just a network of sites or applications. We must think that with the investment and energy poured into the enterprise by many Big Tech entities, the development of Metaverse will be impetuous and rapid.

It will change the way we live, know...and buy. Marketing and the Metaverse It is for this reason that starting today it is important to start planning and building a strategy for inserting your own brand and associated marketing in the Metaverse. There is a need to revolutionize the way one markets online and change the form and content of self-promotion. So let's understand what to expect from the Metaverse, how to present yourself in the Metaverse, and what are the advantages (and risks) of being in the Metaverse in a simple and clear way. We will then be able to illustrate the two main


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