Disable NetBIOS from Registry Editor

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We can also disable NetBIOS through the Windows Registry Editor. For this we have to follow some simple steps again.

The first thing we need to do is China Email List restart, type Registry Editor and enter. We need to go to the path ControlSetServicesNetBTParametersInterfaces. You need to select a Tcpip registry key and different options will appear on the right.

We need to double click on Netbios Options. It will show us a value of 0 and to disable it we have to put a value of 2. We just have to accept and with that we will disable NetBIOS in Windows 10 through the registry editor.

Disable NetBIOS from the command line
A third and final option is to disable it via call the leader . In this case, you just need to open it and enter the command wmic nicconfig get caption, index, TcpipNetbiosOptions and enter. It will show us a list and we will have to see which of these adapters we want to disable NetBIOS.

When we have the adapter number, we need to enter this other command: wmic nicconfig where index = X call SetTcpipNetbios 2

X is the number corresponding to the adapter. For example, if it was 4, then we would put wmic nicconfig where index = 4 call SetTcpipNetbios 2. We accept and that's it.

In short, by following these steps as we mentioned, we can disable NetBIOS in Windows 10. We can make this network protocol provided by default not enabled and thus avoid possible problems that could affect us.

Why Disable NetBIOS in Windows 10
We have seen what NetBIOS is and we have also explained the various methods we can find to disable it in Windows 10. Now why should we do it? Why do we need to disable this feature that comes with the default network card?

Security is without a doubt behind the reason why we can consider disabling NetBIOS in Windows 10. We already know that security is a fundamental factor in the daily life of users on the network and that there are many factors that can harm while browsing and using the different devices.

Sometimes we use equipment or tools that may be outdated. Old software that hasn't been updated for a long time, for example. This is the case with NetBIOS, which is a network protocol that is enabled by default, but not actually used today. This could lead hackers to exploit it and gain access to our computers.

Cybercriminals can take advantage of vulnerabilities that exist in this network protocol and which have not been patched. They could carry out different types of attacks in order to compromise our security and damage the proper functioning of the devices we use.

For this reason, it may be interesting to choose disable NetBIOS in Windows 10. Another way to protect our security and avoid problems. Moreover, as we have seen, it is very easy to perform this action. At no time can we disable it from the operating system.


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