What are you really looking for in a car

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People, as described by the aforementioned Rapaille, the protagonist of the whole story, said that by now they preferred other types of cars, more suited to their needs: more similar to traditional cars, more chic, closed and not convertible, without removable doors and etc. But the problem was just that: what people said shouldn't be taken at face value, or in any case not as the real reason for the disaffection with the Wrangler. When interviewed about their own interests, people tend to report what they believe the interviewer wants to hear.

This is obviously not because we tend to USA Email List lie deliberately or because we have a distorted view of things, but because the brain circuits of intelligent responses , so to speak, originate from areas of the cortex related to reasoning , not to emotions or instinct. Therefore, on the basis of this, the answers to the questionnaires are evaluated carefully, too carefully for them to be real and complete even with regard to the emotional experience. The answer therefore becomes something far from what one would really like to say, also far from one's own experiences.

So Rapaille organizes interview sessions with groups of consumers a little different from the usual : lying on the floor, relaxed, with comfortable cushions and relaxing music, he asks them to relive their dreams and associations towards products or services starting from themselves : what are you looking for in a car?  What emerges originates from a sort of collective, culturally shared image of the object of investigation. But this image is not contained in collective reasoning, but by emotions, dreams, memories, shared narratives. As the sessions became deeper, other associations on the world of cars emerged , very different from the initials "safety", "reliability" and "consumption.


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