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Special activities in a production or manufacturing environment cause a company to consume or use resources. Using accounting methods, companies are able to calculate the cost of resources used in each particular activity, such as testing of end-of-line products. Once the resource costs required to perform product-specific activities are determined, they are allocated only to products that require the required activities. Under the activity-based costing example, the Product widget of our own manufacturing example would more logically assign the cost of a portion of the company's manufacturing, rather than simply assigning the cost of a product based on the number of hours the machine was running.

Additionally, any other product outside of  that uses the same special activity to produce the product will see its own assigned share of overhead. By using activity-based costing, the Belgium Email List product will properly bear most of the cost since actual production is more expensive per unit and the product does not require special activities, thus avoiding the allocation of overhead. Cost allocation, whether on a micro or macroeconomic basis, is critical to a company's economic health, which is why a course on   behind resource allocation is a good first step in mastering activity-based costing. step.

Why Activity-Based Costing Is Growing Important Due in part to inflation, in part to the scarcity of certain raw materials, and other issues, overhead costs in manufacturing have grown, sometimes dramatically, over the past few decades. In addition, the overhead in the manufacturing process is often no longer related to the actual production time of the machine or the labor cost directly required in the manufacturing process of the product. Consumers have also become more demanding, and manufacturers have therefore significantly increased the number and variety of products they offer in their product lines. Empower your team. Lead the industry. Subscribe to a library of online courses and digital learning tools for your organization.


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