Transcripts (especially if you have a podcast or video

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Offer content upgrades
Content upgrades are highly targeted content offerings aligned with specific blog posts. These lead magnets work because they are not generic email lead magnets but are additional incentives for signing up for your list.

The reason these offers convert at a higher rate than your evergreen lead magnet is that they are specific to what the reader is already consuming. Content upgrades can be:

Templates and worksheets
Lists of tools and resources
PDF of the post (for long form articles)
Webinar replays
Swipe files
Quick start guides
Content upgrades take lead magnets a step further by offering timely, relevant content to what the reader is already researching. If this is something you want to implement, be sure to understand the Country Email List technical details required to successfully deliver the content upgrades to your subscribers.

Set up a landing page to capture leads
If you are running a marketing campaign to drive visitors to your website with the specific goal to capture leads, you must use a landing page. A landing page should be aligned with your offer to reinforce your message and dramatically increase your conversion rate.

Using a landing page keeps your visitor focused on what you want them to do. If they land on a regular webpage, there are too many distractions that can interrupt the process and cause the visitor to leave without converting.


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