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If you're looking to explore all kinds of football betting options on betting sites, you shouldn't overlook the Asian handicap. This type of bet is not unfamiliar to avid bettors. However, for newcomers, what should you pay attention to when placing Asian handicap bets? Let's refer to the following guidance from wintips.

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What is the Asian handicap?
Alongside main bet types such as Asian handicap, European handicap, over/under, odd/even, the Asian handicap (also known as Running Ball) refers to a type of bet offered by bookmakers during the live match. This type of bet is particularly appealing because bettors can quickly seize favorable opportunities and also enjoy attractive odds.
In Asian handicap betting, you will encounter various types of bets, including full-match Asian handicap, first-half Asian handicap, second-half Asian handicap, special Asian handicap, extra time Asian handicap, corner kick Asian handicap, and more. Here are the details:

Full-match / First-half / Second-half Asian handicap:
These Asian handicap bets can be placed during the entire match or just the first half and second half of the match. Each type of bet has its own allure for players. Among them, the over/under bet is often associated with Asian handicap in a match.

Corner kick Asian handicap:
With corner kick Asian handicap, the odds are based solely on the result of the number of corners, win, or loss. Bookmakers typically offer first-half corner kick Asian handicap, second-half corner kick Asian handicap, and full-match corner kick Asian handicap. This is an appealing side bet for bettors.

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Extra time Asian handicap:
Extra time Asian handicap is also a popular side bet among bettors. It is only applicable during the extra time of the match. When the extra time is played, the match score resets to 0-0, and the final result of the full match does not affect this type of bet.

Tips for placing accurate Asian handicap bets like a pro:
To find attractive and winning Asian handicap bets, pay attention to the following tips:

Choose suitable matches for Asian handicap betting:
When playing Asian handicap bets, you should choose major leagues and popular matches with high visibility. In such cases, information is readily available and accessible through various media, helping you to make well-informed decisions. Expert tips are also continuously updated. Avoid smaller leagues with limited information as they may not support accurate betting decisions.
Moreover, experienced bettors advise against placing Asian handicap bets on matches involving teams ranked 3rd to 5th, and they also recommend avoiding friendly matches and matches involving smaller teams.

Monitor the match closely and the odds:
In Asian handicap betting, the odds and acceptance time for bets may vary across different betting sites. If you're preparing to place an Asian handicap bet, thoroughly understand the betting rules of the specific bookmaker.

During the betting process, closely monitor the match's progress throughout its duration. Each moment in the match can bring unexpected developments, and if you can spot them in time, you can seize a favorable bet with attractive odds.

Pay attention to the timing of placing Asian handicap bets:
Typically, experienced bettors place Asian handicap bets early in the first half or second half of the match when both teams are playing their best. For first-half Asian handicap bets, bettors rely heavily on the historical head-to-head record, team-related information such as line-ups, tactics, team advantages, player health, and the coach's strategy. For second-half Asian handicap bets, bettors need to observe how the first half ended and how the odds have changed to make accurate predictions.

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Apart from Asian handicap bets, there are many other exciting betting options on betting sites, such as corner kick bets, winning margin bets, booking bets, etc. If you're looking to participate in betting, don't miss the great promotions that we regularly update at wintips.


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