6 Tips for Campaigns That Get Read

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Home delivery will come in the first minutes (usually so much?) and furiously like / save a new post? Hera there. The coverage of the post could indeed be greater. And the secret is very simple. To do this, it is enough to save this post, because in the next I will reveal it. Subscribe to quality articles about SMM in Telegram A little over a year ago, I left Minsk for St. Petersburg, which, in principle, was not planned. I did not aspire to the  capitals and on the whole I lived quite comfortably in calm Minsk (how wrong I was then.

At that moment a funny thing happened. I started working B2C Email Lead even harder, devoting a lot of time to the blog, the agency and our educational events. This synergy leads to the growth of all media indicators. And the more media you are, the more people offer or ask for something: work, projects, help, advice, and so on. I formed the principle a long time ago that one simple NO saves not only a lot of time, but also energy, strength and nerves. I have /ask , which allows me to unload the personal from the same questions and where I ask everyone who writes to ask questions. There are paid consultations or account audit . And I definitely don’t take new projects “for freelance”, so I boldly refuse them.

The story happened the other day. Recently, a girl who was attacked by bots wrote to me. She needed urgent help and answers to questions. "I will cry," she said. I proposed a consultation format in a few days and explained in a basic way what to do right now. This format did not suit her. After all, after the consultation, you have to do everything by hand, she doesn’t understand this, but I’m a pro and I can do it myself (in her understanding, so I have to take on the project.


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