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That your institution can adhere to the Instant Payment System and offer a high availability environment. Through this tool, it will be possible to access the Central Bank's SPI ecosystem for direct participants with or without direct access to the STR. Image, based on that of the BC (User using an App or a Website) accessing the Direct Participant or the Indirect and Direct Participant accessing our SPI solution and then the RSFN with the BC SPI. Download the material here.

Main Features System integrated with the BC's SPI payment network online (24×7); Fully integrated with Sinqia Legacies and the main Legacies in the market; Legacies USA Phone Number List prepared to work in high availability; Flexible API that allows connecting legacy systems and provides all SPI functions (DICT Inclusion and Query, QRCode query and generation.

Payment sending and receiving, etc…); System for Direct Participants (Directly connected to the SPI network); System for indirect participants (Connected to direct participants); Management control of the PI account (Instant Payment Account) Control of transmitted messages; Billing control; Control of alerts/notifications; Control of scheduled messages; Friendly interface for viewing SPI catalog messages.


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