Effective Methods of Corner Betting in Football Betting

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Corner betting is one of the methods that offer a high chance of winning for players in football betting. For experienced bettors, this method is already familiar and helps them generate stable income. To gain a better understanding of the corner betting technique, let's refer to this article from Wintips.

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What is corner betting?
Corner betting is a term commonly used in football betting. It is a method in which players choose to place bets in the final seconds of a match. At this point, the player's task is to predict whether there will be a corner kick, a goal kick, or more daringly, a goal or an under in the remaining time.
The common feature of these corner bets is that their odds are extremely low. However, the likelihood of winning is high because at this stage of the game, the battle has reached its climax, allowing you to easily predict how the game will change.
Popular corner betting methods
Currently, there are two popular corner betting methods that many players use:
Progressive Corner Betting
Progressive corner betting is a method in which players use their own money to place bets in the final minutes of a football match. However, the amount for each subsequent match will double compared to the previous one.
For example, you start by betting 100,000 VND. In the first match, you win 12,000 VND after placing a corner bet. Through the subsequent matches, you continue to win 31,000 VND, 24,000 VND, and 28,000 VND, respectively, by betting with extremely low odds of 0.13, 0.18, 0.15, and 0.15. After five corner bets like this, the total amount you receive will be 218,000 VND, which means you have earned 118,000 VND.
This betting method ensures that players consistently gain a huge source of income if they win more and more as the matches progress. To use this progressive betting method, you need to have a stable and abundant financial source.
In addition, it is crucial to accurately predict the matches to bet on, as the betting amount will increase over time. If, unfortunately, you lose a few matches, the amount will return to zero, meaning that all the funds will be wiped out after several failed progressive bets.

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Therefore, once you have earned a profit that exceeds the initial betting amount, you should return to the original betting level or, if you lose a corner bet, return to the closest betting level to minimize losses.
Even Progressive Corner Betting
The even progressive corner betting method is a slow but secure betting style. This is also the favored way of playing for those who prefer safe and patient betting.
In this corner betting method, players evenly distribute their betting amount in each match or bet consistently on the most vulnerable time frames to guard against uncertainties if you happen to lose a bet. This progressive corner betting method is highly effective in matches with signs of instability or perceived risks. Players can use this method as a form of exploration.
Some notes for choosing an effective corner betting method:
To ensure the effectiveness of corner betting, you should consider the following:
Stay calm and carefully assess the final match before deciding to place a corner bet.
Once you have made up your mind, act decisively and quickly because the time to place a corner bet is very short. Hesitation can cause you to miss the opportunity.
If you notice any unusual signs about a particular match, pause and refrain from placing a bet. Do not take unnecessary risks.
Especially, always keep your emotions stable and composed in all situations to make the most accurate decisions. Both the even progressive corner betting and progressive corner betting methods rely on your own analysis to choose the most appropriate option.

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The above information provides all the details about corner betting methods that Wintips offers to everyone.


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