Transmedia narrative and Game of Thrones

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Jaurès's memory was modified depending on situations, relations of power or struggles for appropriation of it, but in general he designed an ascending trajectory. In 1924 his ashes were transferred to the Pantheon in Paris, where the great figures with whom the State has wanted to identify the nation lie. The images of his entry into the Pantheon continue to be loaded with meaning. They express an exhibition of working-class strength, the adhesion aroused among the popular classes, the attempt to mitigate guilt for the ridicule he suffered in life, the dispute between socialists and communists over his legacy. Localities governed by the left named streets after Jaurès, squares and metro stations throughout France. In the mid-1950s a museum was created in his hometown of Castres.

Jaurès then became an icon for the militant generations of '68, who sought a third way between "social democratic accommodation" and "Stalinist authoritarianism." With these sixties-style melodies, Jacques India Email List composed in 1977 the song «Pourquoi ont-ils tué Jaurès?». François Mitterrand exalted his figure to shake off the reformist stigma that weighed on French socialism and cement the government pact with the Communist Party (PCF) in 1981.

In 1992, in the midst of the aftermath of the First Gulf War, the French Socialist Party put the name of Jaurès to his study center. In 2014, on the centenary of his death, French politicians, from right to left, paid tribute to Jaurès, led by Prime Minister Manuel Valls and President François Hollande, who laid a wreath at the Café du Croissant. In all European countries, also in Spain, articles and praise for his figure multiplied.


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