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In the email, Thrive couples a discount code with information about how the service works, and the email then leads into testimonials from satisfied customers. Email marketing for startups Source: Really Good Emails For a user on the fence, this email provides a financial perk, proactive information, and positive reviews from other everyday customers.

The email offers more than just a promotion—it’s giving a full story Armenia Email List on why the customer should spend money with Thrive. The balance of freemium and premium Earlier, we discussed using email marketing to convert free users into paying customers. To do this, you must be willing to engage your users, as well as convince them of the value of your paid content.

In other words, why is paid content better than the free stuff?) You can see an example of this in the email below. Vecteezy offers users a chance to upgrade freemium content, just by clicking on the provided CTA. The selling point for the paid content is convenience. Users can utilize files however they want, no strings attached.


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