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Admitad became the owner of a 25% stake in ChekScan. Theproject was attractive due to its existing assets and great potential in thegrowing Smart Shopping trend, as well as the opportunity to expand the segmentof FMCG clients with offers in Admitad. At first, ChekScan acted as a partnerof the Admitad Affiliate platform. “The Smart Shopping trend is rapidly gainingmomentum in Russia and around the world. This is no longer the result of thecrisis in the economy after the pandemic, but a steady change in consumerbehavior. Consumer consciousness and, accordingly, behavior have become morerational.

The consumer now chooses a product of the Armenia Email Listhighest qualityfor certain, planned by him for the purchase, money. The Chekscan project andthe strategy for its further development will enable end customers to makepurchases as efficiently as possible. We believe in the project and the team,so we decided on a full buyout. I am pleased to introduce you to ArtemOstapenko, who will be in charge of this Admitad business” , – Admitad founderand CEO Alexander Bachmann. “ We are creating a single entry point for users inthe Smart Shopping industry. ChekScan is the beginning of the smart shoppingecosystem in Admitad ”, - ChekScan CEO Artem Ostapenko.

Former ChekScan CEO Vlad Vernigora will develop the projectin the role of CTO. Currently, the project team employs 25 people. The projectplans include a number of updates in the application, allowing you to place upto 80% of all promotional offers on the market, increasing the amount ofcashback, and expanding the possibilities for withdrawing accumulated funds forthe audience. And in the next 3-4 years we will enter other markets. How toconduct a usability audit yourself Recommendations for evaluating design,technical parameters, content, navigation, and conversion elements MariaTrushkova, PromoPult 1 How to conduct a usability audit yourself Websiteusability is the degree to which it is convenient for users.


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