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below will help you complete the formalities step by step Entering the registration page To create an account on Allegro the first step is to go to the official registration website of this website You can do this through a web browser by entering Allegro registration or a similar phrase in the search engine Selecting the account type After entering the registration page you will be able to choose the type of account you want to create The options available are a business account and a personal account.

We recommend choosing a business account because it provides the full range of functions philippines photo editor needed to sell on Allegro A private account limits the possibility of selling only to Allegro Lokalnie Entering your login and password Once you have chosen your account type the next step is to provide a unique login and password Remember that the login will be visible to all website users so it is worth considering your username carefully The password should be secure and complex to protect your account from unauthorized access Entering your email address Another necessary element is to provide an e mail address.

Make sure you provide a correct and active address as it will be used to communicate with Allegro and to recover your account in the event of password loss Completion of other data Depending on the type of account you will need to complete theappropriate information In the case of a corporate account this will be data regarding your company such as name address Tax Identification Number etc For a private account this will be personal data Account activation After completing the registration form you must activate your account Allegro requires a verification transfer of PLN.


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