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This code helps search engines better understand what a page is about and how it is structured. For example, you can indicate your address and telephone number, but also that a page can be classified as a product page or recipe. In the field of structured data, we have seen two striking changes in the past year. The first is that there are fewer stars ( rich snippets ) in the SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ). Google only seems to show reviews with the 'product' type schedule.
Why this choice and how this will develop in the future is unclear. SEO Trends : Fewer Stars in SERP. However, new rich snippets are also added to the SERP. The second striking change is the display of an FAQ and corresponding answers. So it stands out a lot. SEO Trends : FAQ in SERP. In this tutorial , Yoast explains how to create an FAQ page and photo editor which structured data you use for this. With the Yoast WordPress plugin it is of course a piece of cake. . Mobile and desktop results are growing further apart.

As of July , , mobile-first indexing is the default for new websites. Mobile first means that mainly the mobile version of a website is used to assess the ranking of a page. Old and existing websites will continue to be indexed and ranked based on best practices and will receive a notification when they are mobile-first ready . This choice is not made without reason. With the leaps in smartphone technology and the Internet being readily available almost everywhere, searches are now more likely to be conducted on a smartphone than on a desktop.


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