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So weather scientists don't ask what "weather" means, but determine relationships among measurable qualities and then name whatever consistencies they discover. Therefore, affective computing should consider the term emotion by being interested in the relationships between external or environmental aspects, and internal ones, such as biometric indices, trying to give a name to these relationships . Individual, contextual differences and user impact should be taken into account in affective computing models and designs from the beginning of development so that they can be fully integrated into systems.

Investments and marketing plan for -header Affective computing and marketing: we encourage research Regarding the business field, it must be specified that affective computing has received little attention in the relevant literature. Since trust is a fundamental marketing asset, companies should first ask themselves: how can seo expater bangladesh ltd emotion-based personalization benefit hedonic products over utilitarian ones? It would therefore be necessary to determine when and how customers could derive value from the use of products and services that adapt in real time to their emotions and the predictive capabilities of affective computing methods compared to traditional methods should be examined in order to integrate the two to the others.

That employees are willing to use affective computing systems is a fundamental prerequisite for applying these techniques. Consequently, research is needed to identify factors that influence acceptance of and trust in these systems. In this regard, a study demonstrated a phenomenon called algorithm aversion : in decision-making situations, humans are not willing to trust the predictions made by algorithms. Additionally, research should explore whether consumers agree to have their emotions tracked by affective computing systems during interactions with the company. While clients may benefit, they may still experience discomfort when analyzing their emotions. How do consumers evaluate this compromise? As for employees, affective computing raises questions about the psychological outcomes experienced by employees.


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