Muslin Cloth For The Skin

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Natural mixtures of avocado peel Avocado peel and honey the components: Two teaspoons of liquid honey. A tablespoon of avocado peel. egg yolk One tablespoon of almond oil. How to prepare: Mix the avocado peel and honey well, then add the egg yolk and almond oil to them. Mix all ingredients well until they are completely combined. Apply the resulting mixture on the skin, and distribute it well and evenly, with a good massage for at least five minutes in a circular motion using the fingertips. Leave it for at least a quarter of an hour, until it dries completely.

Washing the skin with warm water and soap well, while using this mixture once a week, to moisturize the skin within a short period of time. Avocado peel and apple cider vinegar the components Beauty Skincare Products A quarter of a tablespoon of natural honey. A quarter of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. One unpeeled avocado, mashed well. How to prepare: Mix apple cider vinegar and honey well. Add the avocado peel, with continuous mixing for half a minute, to form a soft and cohesive dough that is easy to use. Apply the resulting paste to the skin, rubbing it lightly for two minutes. Leave the paste on the skin for no more than a third of an hour until it dries.

Washing the skin with lukewarm water and soap, and it is preferable to use this recipe twice a week to remove dead skin cell. The date kernel is one of the by-products of dates, its weight ranges between 0.5 to 4 grams and it has a brown color, which is usually discarded, but it was later found that it can provide many health benefits for the body, skin, and hair alike. This is because the date kernel contains carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fats, and protein, in addition to antioxidants. Benefits of date kernel for skin The date kernel can provide some health benefits to the skin, but it should be noted that it still needs more scientific studies to confirm it, and the most prominent of these benefits are the following.


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