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Questions and answers about skin cleansing routine Can cleaning your face at home harm your skin and cause inflammation and sores? It is necessary to carry out manual facial cleansing at home with knowledge and with great care. The most common mistakes are violent squeezing out of the sebaceous plugs, causing steaming of the skin, which induces inflammation in different stages. As a result, there is a risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation and increased inflammation. What determines the cost of facial cleansing? The price of facial cleansing is determined by the following Factors: the cost and quantity of masks, serums and other products used in the session, the qualifications of the cosmeticologist, and the type of cleansing used.

Need to prep your skin at home before cleansing? Special preparatory procedures before cleansing the face are required or desirable only if there are a large number of dense and deep pimples Web Care Face on the skin. In this case, the cosmetologist gives recommendations on the use of special preparations that thin the fat, or other preparations, which contain useful substances and biologically active additives. At what intervals can you clean your face? During the consultation, the cosmetologist assesses the condition of the skin, individually selecting the numberres and type of produce What are the prices of skin care? The prices of skin care products vary according to the devices used or the brand of skin care products.

In the post-diagnostic consultation, the doctor will choose the appropriate method of care for you. One procedure every six months may be sufficient. You may need a full course of skin rejuvenation if you are not satisfied with its condition. It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. You can get information about skin care prices by visiting a beauty center in Sisli or via Call our clinic at. skin care methods | Skin cleansing routine | Quartz Clinic Istanbul Medical cosmeticology blog.


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