Turkey Landline Number

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Turkey landline numbers, also known as fixed-line numbers, are phone numbers assigned to residential and commercial properties that are connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through physical wires or cables. In Turkey, landline numbers have a distinct code area corresponds to a specific geographic location, followed by a seven-digit subscriber number.

The area codes in Turkey are assigned based on the region and city, and they generally range from two to five digits. For example, Istanbul has the area code of "212," Ankara has "312," and Izmir has "232." When dialing Turkey Mobile Number List a landline number in Turkey, you must first dial the relevant area code, followed by the subscriber number.

In recent years, the use of landline numbers in Turkey has decreased significantly due to the increasing popularity of mobile phones and internet-based communication platforms. However, they are still commonly used in business settings and for services such as home internet and television.

To obtain a landline number in Turkey, you can contact the Turkish Telecommunications Authority (BTK) or a local telecommunications provider. You will need to provide proof of address and identification to apply for a landline connection.

In conclusion, Turkey landline numbers play an important role in the country's telecommunications infrastructure, but their usage has decreased in recent years. Despite this, they remain a vital communication tool for businesses and homes that require reliable and stable phone services.


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