Farewell to extensive, focus on war investment and neglect financial investment

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In the investment circle, major Internet companies have always been  “deep pockets”. The slogans of start-up companies are “Learn literary and martial arts sell to BAT” “Be. the first in the industry and make up for the shortcomings of big players”. At one time due to the investment or mergers and acquisitions of giants. There was a huge “exit board” market in the field of venture capital. Entrepreneurs in the past whether they were copied subverted by big companies or invested. By big companies almost always took big companies as an important consideration. Today such voices are hardly heard in the venture capital circle. Over the past year or so major manufacturers. Have reshuffled their investments whether in terms of quantity.

Amount or fields, have shrunk significantly, and the direction of investment has also shifted from imaginary to real, from extensive to refined, and more inclined to hard technology and real economy. The cell phone number list reason for the cold investment of large factories is the influence of the general environment, the relationship of policy orientation, the peak of Internet growth, the consideration of reduction and efficiency increase of large factories, and the unsatisfactory return on investment of large factories. “the elements of. Today’s big factory investment has basically returned to the position of serving the company’s strategy and business. On this basis, using investment to understand market innovation and changes, deploying cutting-edge technologies encouraged by the state, and embracing the real industry with heavily warehoused .

Abolition of the team, reduction of investment, shrinking of the field, the investment of large factories is cold Over the past few years, big factories have been “rich and powerful”, keen to expand their business territory through investment or mergers and acquisitions, obtain financial returns, and make great strides all the way to expand their territories. The investment activity . of several major manufacturers has not been low until 2021 and before. Tianyancha data shows that Ali has more than 50 investment events in most years, and the number of Byte Dance investments has been rising since 2014, reaching a peak of 70 in 2021. Big factory investment, no longer crazy Data source Tianyancha The story begins to take a turn in 2022. The most obvious is that in 2022, the number.


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