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Profitability is the first great challenge for all entrepreneurs because it depends on the ability to attract customers to generate the necessary sales , and thus recover the investment that has been made to form the company. Since income is linked to attracting customers to the business, it makes sense to invest in marketing. Therefore, you must inform yourself so that this expense of time, effort and money pays off for you. The first step to making your marketing strategy work is to understand its purpose.

That is, you must be very clear about what you want to achieve. When you know what you want to achieve, it is easier to know what activities you need to perform and the return on investment will be dramatically more efficient. It may be that you want people to know you so that they can later visit you in your physical establishment or maybe phone number database you have an e-commerce site so your goal is for people to visit that page. How to do marketing that generates more income in your business Commonly, many entrepreneurs start directly to invest in Adwords or Facebook advertising .  to focus on the strategic message you want to communicate.

That is, they begin to wonder how much money they need to spend instead of preparing the content and audience they want to attract. This is known as strategic marketing. In other words, you must first define what kind of people might be most interested in buying, what kind of problems are they looking to solve with the help of your products or services, what makes you unique, and how those potential buyers are going to decide whether or not to buy. . In other words, marketing is not just about knowing what platforms you are going to promote your business, but it is an exercise in understanding the desires or aspirations of your niche market and then educating, informing or empathizing and thus getting their attention more effectivel efficient.


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