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Throughout 2021, the commercialization of WeChat mini-games will grow, and WeChat mini-games will achieve a growth rate of more than 30%, maintaining a considerable scale of development for three consecutive years. Behind the growth of commercialization and platform scale, Weng Yugang believes that this itself depends on the improvement of their content creation scale. They know that each small game will be divided into four steps: project development, online launch, revision optimization and scale expansion. , and returning to the perspective of various developer teams and company operations, they prefer to call this process a business cycle from idea to income.

A WeChat mini-game that was almost forgotten, actually hides such ambitions? So, how to achieve the efficient cycle from creation to revenue of WeChat mini-games? First of all, a mature commercialization system must be efficient, so in the creative discussion stage, it is necessary to focus on ideas and solutions that are more feasible and can be phone number list verified more quickly. Considering the complexity of the landing and implementation stages, this In the first stage, the producer must synchronize the size of the delivery tool and the use of the game data tool, so that there will be no huge time gap between the game idea and the implementation.

Specifically, it is necessary to consider the use of delivery tools and game data tools in the creative discussion stage of the game, accurately control the budget and select the people and scope of delivery, and do not allow the two stages of creativity and delivery to have a time gap. To put it simply, it is to let the creators have a clear idea at the conception stage: how to make these ideas meet the first batch of users? Further expand its development scale, and advertising purchase is currently the most effective solution. A WeChat mini-game that was almost forgotten, actually hides such ambitions? In the income stage, the realization and return of funds should give creators more positive feedback.


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