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Whether in store or on an e-commerce site, the packaging must be presented in such a way as to highlight the merchandise, in addition to ensuring optimal protection. As it is the first thing the consumer see If before, it was used only for its practical aspect, today, many signs have understood its potential and decide to exploit it. What are the roles of packaging.

According to some studies it has been shown that the e-commerce market reached a turnover of 32.4 billion euros in the first quarter of 2022, an increase of 12%. In fact, this germany phone number list market has become one of the best ways for budding entrepreneurs to build a sustainable and profitable business. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly making their purchases on the Internet, which is an almost inevitable development in the context of digitization and globalization.

However, whether it is to sell physical products or services, the competition is fierce . Before embarking on e-commerce, you must take certain elements into account, in particular from market analysis to the implementation of a marketing strategy. Exactly, in this article, Are you ready to start? Understand e-commerce There's no point in leveraging the potential of e-commerce to start a business if you don't even understand what it means exactly.


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