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Automator April Author Image Author Bradley Stevens Gather round Thrivers because we have a new stack of features freshly released that we are thrilled to share with you Once again we re adding even more power to Thrive Suite helping you build a better online business This month s update includes a massive new features focused on two key areas Thrive Quiz Builder now integrates seamlessly with Thrive Apprentice letting you create quizzes that test your student s knowledge Thrive Automator has really taken a step forward becoming supercharged with dynamic data custom.

Fields and a new forms API plus we have a few bonus improvements at the end Read on to see what this means Table Of Contents Prevent Mark Lesson Complete Until Quiz Is Submitted New Drip Com Thailand phone number list pletion Save Quiz Progress Skip Opt In Gate for Logged In Users Thrive Automator Dynamic First Last Name in the Registration Action Form Custom Fields Now Available in Thrive Automator Custom Field Mapping For Email Autoresponders in Thrive Automator Automator Architect Forms API Dynamic URL on Outgoing Webhooks Plus Additional Fixes Thrive.

Quiz Builder For Online Courses Did you know that quizzes are one of the highest converting lead generation tools ever Thrive Quiz Builder was originally built as a lead generation tool for WordPress with a focus on conversion rates and split testing so you can grow your mailing list faster than ever before But we know that for course creators there is a different need for quizzes Perhaps you want to check your student s knowledge and give.


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