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Discover Linux Hosting What are the advantages and disadvantages of Linux and Windows as web server operating systems? Let's see individually the pros and cons of the two operating systems. Linux: pros and cons The points in favor of Linux can be summarized as follows: Most of the most popular and used distributions are free to download and install.

Administrators manage the system in total freedom, modifying and adapting the configurations in every aspect according to specific needs. Rarely suffers from virus/malware infections. Few security holes Indonesia phone number list and fixed quickly. Minimum hardware requirements to run a “base” Linux image. The disadvantages of Linux can be summarized as follows.

The use of the shell and the vastness of commands to learn how to use makes the approach a bit difficult. Command and configuration file manuals in English. Not all versions of the various distributions are long-term supported. Some third-party programs can only be installed by the administrator (root). Windows: pros and cons.


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