The Fact That Sanctions Were Lifted From Them

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The fact that sanctions were lifted from them eloquently shows that the removal of SEO links was fixed by an algorithm and that from Minusinsk's point of view the link profiles of these sites have improved significantly.

At the same time, the entire optimization community is looking forward to a comprehensive link update, which has not been seen since the launch of Minusinsk. On June 26 and July 6, Evgeny Trofimenko's update analyzer finally fixed them.

new link text appears in the anchor file of the test page, containing Brazil WhatsApp Number List  the current date at the time of indexing. That said, we can say with certainty that new links dropped since the introduction of Minusinsk were indexed and their text ended up in the recipient's anchor file.

It will be interesting to analyze how the position of our indicator sites has changed compared to the "Era of Dominusin". Let's take mid-April as a starting point, when the sites studied began removing links. Surprisingly, the position fluctuations are within statistical error:

It seems to me that a similar picture could mean the following:
1) The removed links don't really contribute, so their disappearance from the index during recalculation of link factors has no effect on position.
2) Although new links enter the index and their text enters the anchor file of the recipient,

on the other hand, the deletion of links is fixed in the link profile, but, nevertheless, in the actual ranking, the value link factor is in the "Dominusinian » Horizontally "frozen".


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