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How to increase the effectiveness of remarketing? Offer the customer a discount or free delivery/ Invest in dynamic remarketing, which presents the user with an advertisement for the same product that he previously viewed or add to the basket. Segment your audience list users. Examples of dynamic remarketing in different channels search network, display network, YouTube and Gmail, source Searchengineland 14.

How to improve online store sales? Take care of personalization Customers want to feel special. You can provide them with this and at the same time increase sales by personalizing your message. How to do it? Use india phone number list the user's name in emails addressed to them. Match the content to the user's location. Personalize product recommendations.

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning in your store's marketing strategy. 15. No sale in the online store? Take care of contact and aftersales support e of the interaction process with your store? Take care of aftersales contact. In this way, you will find out what elements of the store structure need improvement and perhaps increase ecommerce sales.


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