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The star of the drama "Crash Landing On You", actress Sea Ji Hype is rumored to be one of the cast for TV Chosen's latest drama. Sea Ji Hype has been cast as the female lead for the upcoming drama Slice of Life. Reporting from Pink villa on Saturday (30/7/2022), a drama official told South Korean media outlets on July 30 that actress Sea Ji Hype had decided on her next job early. In this regard, Sea Ji Hype's agency said, "." Meanwhile, for the drama "Red Balloon" which tells about the disease we all suffer, the feeling of relative deprivation, depicts a heartbreaking story but also feels warm.

This drama tells the story of a person who struggles to quench the thirst that hurts his stomach. Currently, Seo Ji Hype is reuniting with viewers through her role as a daughter-in-law named Geun-Hye Soo, in the Korean drama phone number database that airs every Wednesday and Thursday on tyvm station "Adams", which first aired on July 27. A curious situation with words, expressions, and eyes that don't know the reality. Meanwhile, "Red Balloon" is actually expected to exude a 180-degree different charm.  a simple and calm style on the outside, but has something hot at heart.

This leaves fans wondering how this character will turn out in the future. Writer Moon Young Nam, who previously wrote dramas such as “Revolutionary Sisters”, “What's Wrong with Mr. Pyongyang”, “The Royal Family”, and “The Famous Seven Princesses”, led the box office success of the KBS drama department. This time they headed for TV Chosen. It is noteworthy whether she will be able to make the highest viewership ratings since her opening, with a strong collaboration with Sea Ji Hype with box office energy. “Red Balloon” is rumored to be starting its first script reading in early August. After that, filming will begin in earnest and will be broadcast in December.

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