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How to escape the Medic penalty? The exact answer to this question is the unattainable dream of many online entrepreneurs. However, as usual, Google never discloses its methods of downgrading or favoring a website. However, it insists on the parameter of quality, which is the only one that guarantees you the best rankings in search engine results. Google then emphasizes the EAT: an abbreviation that designates the expertise, authority and Trust (trust) of a website. The essential metrics that should be considered are.

Quality content A good user experience An optimized natural referencing How to avoid downgrading? Specialists who have looked into the matter have identified a number fax list of steps that will allow you to maintain your ranking, and even improve it: Read guidelines from Quality Rater Bet on content that has a well-defined objective Analyze your site to determine its quality and speed Prepare a new strategy and apply it Analyze your log files to identify technical issues Conclusion Thus.

We can never repeat it enough, but Google updates always aim to improve the user's experience and provide useful information. To avoid being penalized, the key word is “quality”. However, if you would like to discuss it with one of our SEO experts, do not hesitate to contact us .Micro-influencers are on the rise with advertisers. Certainly, their community is more restricted, but it is often more attentive and allows a precise target. We explain why this influence marketing trend is an interesting lever for a brand, especially if it seeks to reach new targets. In search of the golden ratio: the micro-influencer The rule of 150 First, you have to understand the strengths of the micro-influencer.


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