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On June 18, the report "Interactive Agencies 2019" prepared by MMP was published, which contains the results of research on the agency's work over the last year. We are glad that the PromoTraffic agency achieved a very good result in this ranking, especially in such areas as: digital service offer, budget transparency and ethics of operations. The study also took into account the level of customer service, the effectiveness of ongoing projects and opinion in the industry. What thoughts does our president have on the report? We decided to ask him! What does PromoTraffic's inclusion in the "Interactive Agencies 2019" report mean to you? Robert Stolarczyk: For the third year in a row, we receive objective feedback from customers in the form of a professional report. We treat it as a distinction that motivates us to continue our work.

I am glad that in most areas we are rated well above average and that we are at the forefront of the entire report.  appreciate the relationship between the effects of the agency's work and the growth of their business, which  is the france phone number list result of the growwithus approach. What achievements of the agency over the last year are most valuable to you? Robert Stolarczyk: Certainly an amazing increase, which was noted by our client Sneakerstudio. Within 15 months, as a result of our and our client's good and hard work, we managed to scale his business to 20 foreign markets with over 500% increase in revenues.

This campaign was recognized both on the domestic (IAB Mixx Awards) and international market (European Search Awards). Last year was a time of changes in the structure and offer of PromoTraffic. Which of them, in your opinion, contributed the most to raising the agency's position on the market? Robert Stolarczyk: I think that it was important to work based on internal training and raising competences related to customer service, communication and project management. In achieving above-average effects, we are helped by testing and implementing the best technology supporting the processes of planning and implementing advertising campaigns.


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